Lattice reach extension handle sizing guide

Lattice reach extension handle sizing guide

Accessible intimate wellness is finally within reach.

Our flagship product Lattice is a patent-pending intimate wellness tool designed to extend your reach. Use it for pleasure, pelvic health, or personal care. Lightweight and angle-adjustable, Lattice is 3D printed in biocompatible resin and connects with our line of toys, dilators, and bodycare products, as well as Soul Source and Intimate Rose dilators.

Lattice is comprised of two separate segments: a grip and a base. Together they not only provide varying degrees of added length, they also increase leverage. Leverage is the key to making toys and dilators easier to insert. The longer the handle, the more leverage it will provide. 

So which Lattice length is right for you? 

Lattice comes in 4 different sizes. 

Extra small is ideal for people who want a more comfortable experience using insertables without straining their hands or wrists. It's comprised of a short grip and a short base. 

Small is comprised of a short grip and long base so if your body would benefit from a little extra curve in the handle segment that extends over your pelvis, type would  then this one's for you!

Medium is our most popular length and works for the widest spectrum of body types and abilities. It's comprised of a long grip and a short base and provides an excellent amount of length and leverage for inserting toys and dilators in different parts of your anatomy. 

Large is comprised of a long grip and a long base. Large provides the maximum amount of length and leverage so it's also ideal for people with limited arm strength and reduced range of motion. If you live with contractions in your arms, Lattice in Large allows you to insert your toy or dilator without having to extend your arms past your chest to reach your bits! 

If you have any questions about sizing before you purchase your Lattice reach extension handle, feel free to email us for assistance.